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Hahn Family

Welcome to team Honyocker!  We are family-owned and ran out of Pekin, Illinois.  All of our beard care products are made in small batches to ensure that YOU, our customers receive nothing but the finest quality products possible.  Creativity is the engine that runs Honyocker Beard Co.  We create only when we have an emotional tie to what sparks a new scent profile or product.  We like to say that our beard bottles and tins are our blank canvases.  This is where you will find the true uniqueness which is Honyocker Beard Co.  You see, we don't just create something because it smells good.  We create with a purpose.  We want to see our visions come to life!  We hope that when you purchase one of our products that you understand that YOU are the ones making it possible for our dreams and visions to manifest.  We hope that you enjoy these beardiful masterpieces as much as we do.  From our family to yours, thank you!

Adam Hahn

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